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R class

The R class crude oil tankers represent a core element of the BP Shipping fleet.

The British Restraint sailing at sea

British Restraint

The R class crude oil tankers were among the first vessels to be delivered under the 2016-17 BP Shipping fleet rejuvenation project.

The R class have names handed down through BP Shipping’s proud 100 year history. This is a long-standing  BP Shipping tradition with certain R class vessels having up to four predecessors of the same name. The first-in-class is named after one of BP’s core values, Respect.


The R class are Aframax tankers. ‘AFRA’ is an acronym for ‘Average Freight Rate Assessment’ and denotes a category of crude oil tankers that can economically transport a significant amount of cargo from 80,000 to 120,000 tonnes deadweight. The R class are in the upper region of this range at 109,584 tonnes deadweight and have been optimized for key BP trades. They typically carry crude oil or dirty products and operate worldwide.


At the time of delivery, the R class were among the most technologically advanced tankers in the world and the most fuel efficient for their size and power. 


BP operates these ships with its own crews and provisions.

249.85 metres 
44 metres  
Summer Draft
15 metres 
109,584 tonnes at summer draft
Top speed
14.5 knots at 75% MCR 
Capacity 122,213.80 cubic metres



  • Type: Oil tanker
  • Hull: Double hull
  • Crew: Typically totals about 25 officers and ratings
  • Class: R class
  • Propulsion: 6G60ME-C9.2 NOx tier II
  • Cargo type: Crude oil and Dirty Products
  • Vessels in Fleet: British Respect, British Resource, British Renown, British Rigour, British Reliance, British Resolution, British Regard, British Restraint and British Reason




  • Operator: BP Shipping Limited
  • Classification society: Lloyds Register
  • Builder: STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 




  • Flag: British
  • Port of registry: Douglas, Isle of Man
  • Operates: Worldwide

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