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bp and Microsoft form strategic partnership to drive digital energy ‎innovation and advance net zero goals

Release date:
15 September 2020
  • The companies intend to work together to develop new technology innovations and ‎digital solutions to help meet their sustainability aims, including reducing energy use ‎and carbon emissions
  • Microsoft to further bp’s digital transformation with Azure cloud services ‎
  • bp to supply Microsoft with renewable energy to help meet the company’s 2025 ‎renewable energy goals

London UK, Redmond, Washington 15 September 2020 – bp and Microsoft Corp. today ‎announced that they have agreed to collaborate as strategic partners to further digital transformation ‎in energy systems and advance the net zero carbon goals of both companies. This includes a co-‎innovation effort focused on digital solutions, the continued use of Microsoft Azure as a cloud-based ‎solution for bp infrastructure and bp supplying renewable energy to help Microsoft meet its 2025 ‎renewable energy goals.‎


"bp is determined to get to net zero and to help the world do the same. No one can do it alone – ‎partnerships with leading companies like Microsoft, with aligned ambitions, are going to be key to ‎achieving this,"


said William Lin, bp executive vice president for regions, cities & solutions.


“By ‎bringing our complementary skills and experience together, we are not only helping each other ‎achieve our decarbonization ambitions but also creating opportunities to support others on their ‎journey towards reducing carbon emissions.”‎


‎“bp shares our vision for a net zero carbon future, and we are committed to working together to ‎drive reductions in carbon emissions and fulfil demand with new renewable energy sources,” said ‎Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business. “A ‎strategic partnership such as this enables each organization to bring its unique expertise for industry-‎leading change and the potential to positively impact billions of lives around the world.”‎


Earlier this year, bp announced its ambition to become a net zero emissions company by 2050 or ‎sooner, and to help the world reach net zero. By the end of the decade, it aims to have developed ‎around 50 gigawatts of net renewable generating capacity – a 20-fold increase on what it has ‎previously developed, increased annual low carbon investment 10-fold to around $5 billion and cut oil ‎and gas production by 40%. In January 2020, Microsoft announced its goal to be carbon negative by ‎‎2030 and remove more carbon from the environment than it has emitted since its founding by 2050. ‎Today’s announcements build on the potential that both companies see in working together to help ‎deliver a net zero carbon future.‎



A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by bp and Microsoft recognizes the capabilities that ‎each company can provide to accelerate progress towards their sustainability goals and help the ‎world decarbonize. Their co-innovation effort will initially be focused on four areas that combine ‎Microsoft’s digital expertise with bp’s deep understanding of energy markets:‎

  • Smart and clean cities – identifying synergies between Microsoft’s ‘Smart Cities’ initiative and ‎bp’s ‘Clean Cities’ vision, with a goal of identifying areas for strategic collaboration to help ‎cities achieve their sustainability aims.‎
  • Clean energy parks – co-development of innovative, clean energy parks with an ecosystem of ‎low carbon technologies such as carbon capture use and storage (CCUS) to prevent or reduce ‎emissions.‎
  • Consumer energy – exploring innovative ways to harness the power of data-driven, ‎personalized, actionable insights to empower energy consumers to manage their home energy ‎use and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – delivering an ‘intelligent edge’ of capabilities to bp ‎production and operations facilities. ‎

For both bp and Microsoft, low carbon is part of a wider sustainability agenda and they aim to deepen ‎collaboration in this area over time.‎


Microsoft to bring bp further into the cloud

As part of bp’s cloud-first IT approach, the company has extended its agreement to use Microsoft ‎Azure cloud services as a strategic platform. This expands on bp’s existing relationship with ‎Microsoft, which helped accelerate the digitization of bp infrastructure and operations, while ‎Microsoft 365 enabled greater collaboration and remote working productivity during the COVID-19 ‎response. ‎


Utilizing Microsoft Azure cloud enables bp to access a broad and deep portfolio of cloud services, ‎including machine learning with Azure Digital Twins, data analytics, security and more, to gain greater ‎insights, drive significant optimization opportunities and transform business processes.‎


bp to supply renewable energy to help power the Microsoft cloud

Microsoft and bp have signed a framework agreement for renewable energy projects that aims to ‎provide renewable energy to help power Microsoft’s datacentres. bp will supply renewable ‎energy to Microsoft across multiple countries and regions including the US, Europe and Latin ‎America. The agreement contributes to Microsoft’s 100% renewable energy goal by 2025. ‎


This partnership reflects the environmental and economic benefits of companies like bp and ‎Microsoft working together to carve out a more sustainable future. 

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent ‎cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the ‎planet to achieve more.‎ 


About bp 

bp’s purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet. It has set out an ambition to be a net ‎zero company by 2050, or sooner, and help the world get to net zero, and recently announced its ‎strategy for delivering on that ambition. For more information

visit bp.com.‎


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Notes to editors 

  • Read more about Microsoft’s environmental commitment and progress here:‎ Microsoft blogs
  • Read more about bp’s new strategy and sustainability ambitions here: ‎Our strategy



Cautionary statement

In order to utilize the 'safe harbor' provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of ‎‎1995 (the 'PSLRA'), bp is providing the following cautionary statement. This press release contains certain ‎forward-looking statements – that is, statements related to future, not past events and circumstances – which ‎may relate to one or more of the financial conditions, results of operations and businesses of bp and certain of ‎the plans and objectives of bp with respect to these items. These statements are generally, but not always, ‎identified by the use of words such as 'will', 'expects', 'is expected to', 'aims', 'should', 'may', 'objective', 'is ‎likely to', 'intends', 'believes', 'anticipates', 'plans', 'we see' or similar expressions. In particular, the following, ‎among other statements, are all forward-looking statements: statements relating to bp’s net zero carbon goals ‎including its ambition to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and to help the world reach net zero; ‎statements relating to bp’s 2030 aims including to have developed around 50 gigawatts of net renewable ‎generating capacity, to have increased annual low carbon investment 10-fold to around $5 billion and to cut oil ‎and gas production by 40%; statements regarding the scope, expectations and outcomes of collaboration ‎between bp and Microsoft; and statements regarding the framework agreement including expectations and ‎aims for the provision and supply of renewable energy. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve ‎risk and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will or may occur in the ‎future and are outside the control of bp. Actual results may differ from those expressed in such statements, ‎depending on a variety of factors including the risk factors set forth in our most recent Annual Report and ‎Form 20-F under "Risk factors" and in any of our more recent public reports.‎


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