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Commercial and industrial

Retail supply

As a bp customer, you'll have access to wholesale energy supplied from a variety of sources (including renewables). We provide fixed rates, long-term contracts and many customizable solutions. 


To help our customers we have invested in Grid Edge, an energy management company. Its technology helps customers predict, control and optimize a building’s energy profile. 

  • Grid Edge can help customers lower carbon emissions by 10-15% on average. 
  • The cloud-based software can anticipate a building’s energy demand using data such as weather forecasts and expected occupancy.
  • This allows building managers to adapt energy use and take advantage of periods of high renewable power generation. Customers can also use their building’s flexibility in energy demand and generation as a giant battery.


Renewables are the largest source of energy growth, growing in importance in global power markets. We offer a variety of renewable power options to help you meet business enviromental objective. bp provides tailored, efficient and practical solutions to support your sustainability goals.


Renewable energy credits (RECs) are an important source of revenue for developers of renewable generation, providing liquidity and offering buyers a conduit to finance renewable facilities.

  • They can also be purchased by renewable energy buyers to meet sustainability goals and requirements.
  • Voluntary or compliance RECs provide access to the benefits of renewable power generation and can be sourced from the broader market or from a specific generation facility. RECs can be bundled with electricity purchases to create customized energy solutions to help you meet sustainability goals. 
  • Bundled solutions can range from simple to complex—from short-term RECs purchases to highly-structured, long-term bundled electricity transactions.


Demand response

Energy providers compensate customers for reducing or shifting their their electricity usage during peak times. bp's demand response program helps you monetize your grid stabilization efforts while serving your community.