Castrol is widely seen as the world’s truly global lubricants specialist

You have probably heard of Castrol, the lubricants brand BP acquired in 2002. Castrol’s motor oils for automobiles and motorbikes are particularly well known. But did you know that Castrol also makes lubricants for every conceivable application on land, sea and in the air?

Castrol’s founder, C.C. Wakefield, believed in working with manufacturers and other businesses to develop lubricants to meet their specific needs, especially where new lubricants could ease the way for advances in engine or industrial design. Castrol continues to work collaboratively like this today as the preferred lubricants partner to VW, Audi, BMW, Komatsu and others.

Castrol’s brand is about passion, excitement and performance. For many, that means speed. Castrol has been actively engaged with motorsport teams and Castrol-sponsored drivers have broken the land speed record more than 20 times. Such relationships have been a proving ground for Castrol's products and central to building Castrol’s reputation as the world's most advanced engine oils and fluids.

Today you will find a wide range of technologically advanced Castrol lubricants for your vehicles at a local BP station or automotive supply shop. Castrol products are sold in more than 150 countries.