Wild Bean Cafe

Wild Bean Cafe offers 'gourmet on the go' to motorists on four continents

Good food and quality coffee can be hard to come by on the road, but Wild Bean Cafe is an exception to the rule. Tucked into many BP Connect stations, these on-the-go cafés offer inventive sandwiches, fresh baked goods and delicious, fresh-ground coffee. 

Conceived as a brand that would take convenience food to a new level, Wild Bean offers the speed and affordability of more typical service station shops plus one more thing. Everything’s made with quality ingredients and served fresh. You can enjoy your food, coffee or cappuccino in the coffee shop space or take it with you to enjoy on the move. 

Wild Bean Cafe operates in several continents around the world. You’ll find it in parts of Europe, Australia and South Africa. We also have a presence in China and Russia, and new branches are opening all the time.