The energy transition

The world is changing fast and our industry is changing with it. The energy mix is shifting towards lower carbon sources, driven by technological advances and growing environmental concerns. In BP, we will help drive this transition - and our business will be transformed by it

The dual challenge

Energy provided by BP has always powered economic growth and social progress, helping to lift people out of poverty. But today, we face a dual challenge: to meet the world’s need for more energy, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions. The world is rallying behind the transition that will make low carbon a reality and so are we. As scientists, engineers and energy professionals we recognise the urgency of the climate challenge and can make a big contribution to its solution.

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A global energy business

We’re a global energy business, involved right across the world’s energy network or system. From the deep sea to the desert, from rigs to retail sites and research centres, our people are at work day and night serving millions of customers. Each one is playing their part in finding and producing energy resources, in refining and marketing our products, in tracking, trading and delivering the world’s energy around the clock. 

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Producing oil more efficiently

Operational excellence is at the heart of our success. We’ve rebuilt BP by making it safer and more resilient. New technologies are helping us produce more energy, more efficiently, from existing resources in ways we never thought possible; and by simplifying and modernising the way we work we’re delivering low-cost oil while becoming a more sustainable business.

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Shifting towards gas

Governments and consumers have new choices about the energy they can use and we intend to anchor our business in changing patterns of demand rather than in the quest for supply. To meet increasing demand for cleaner energy, we’re already shifting our focus towards gas, but it’s vital that we do this the right way, we want to play a leading role in reducing methane emissions.

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Responding to changing demand

A revolution in mobility is underway and we’re part of it. We’re innovating to produce increasingly efficient fuels and biofuels and we expect more big changes in the way we deliver energy for mobility, light and heat in future.

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Advancing low carbon

We were ahead of the curve in investing beyond fossil fuels and that experience gives us a deep understanding of the obstacles and opportunities involved. It convinces us that there will not be a single energy answer. So we’ll work on many different fronts: growing our renewable energy business and launching a dynamic new venturing arm to create new low carbon solutions through creative collaborations and fresh business models. We know this disruption will produce some experiments that fail, but it will also produce others that we can scale up for the world.

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Working with invention and purpose

We’ve navigated a change to our business and the world beyond BP before. And our people want to play their part in solving the big complex challenges facing our world today, including climate change. They’ll work together with invention and purpose to ensure we make a lasting contribution to the world’s low carbon future.

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