BP ventures

What we do

BP ventures was set up more than ten years ago to identify and invest in private, high growth, game-changing technology companies, accelerating innovation across the entire energy spectrum.

Today we have invested more than $350 million in technology companies in over 40 entities with more than 200 co-investors.

Venturing plays a key role in BP’s strategy, announced in February 2017, by helping the drive towards a low carbon energy transition future, leveraging our investments across a wide portfolio of relevant technology businesses.

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What our venture companies say about BP Ventures

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“We are really pleased with our relationship with BP, their investment has allowed us to bring large volumes of fuel to the customer sooner than we could without their involvement.“

Jim Macias, President and CEO Fulcrum BioEnergy

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“BP’s investment has been crucial; their experience in licensing helped us assemble contracts and be successful short term and long term.”

Tom Schuler, President and CEO Solidia Technologies

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“It’s really the expertise and support they provide that has really helped BiSN. Being associated with BP has been very helpful, especially when it comes to other customers..”

Paul Carragher, CEO BiSN

Our investment areas of interest

Our portfolio is primarily focused on emerging technologies in oil and gas exploration and production and downstream conversion processes. In addition, we have a renewed strategic focus on five key areas: bio & low carbon products, carbon management, power & storage, advanced mobility and digital transformation.

What makes BP ventures different?

We invest smartly, help develop the company and use the technology quickly.

We are both an investor and an end-user of the technologies in which we invest. That creates a longer-term commitment, because we look beyond a quick financial return; we want to see these new technologies deployed into our businesses.

Feedback from the companies in which we invest suggests that we feel different too from other venture capital funds. We bring experience and capabilities in strategy development, marketing, health and safety, procurement, finance and contracting. Finally, our investments and our engagements are guided by our strongly held values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team.

Meet the team

BP ventures has a global remit and works closely with start-ups, entrepreneurs and industry partners. Meet the team to find out more about our capabilities and broad range of focus.

Meet the team to find out about our broad range of focus.

Key facts

  • Invested over $350 million in corporate venturing since 2006.
  • Current portfolio includes over 40 active investments, with more than 200 co-investors and 12 technologies used in BP.
  • Invest in emerging and disruptive technologies across upstream, downstream and low carbon.
  • Nine new venture investments since 2016 - see latest announcements below.

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