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Geophysicist Intern (Houston, TX)

Geophysicist Intern (Houston, TX)

  • Location United States - Texas - Houston
  • Travel required
  • Job category Subsurface Group
  • Relocation available
  • Job type Graduates
  • Job code 129551BR
  • Experience level
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Job summary

Geophysicists can expect to work in at least two very different roles in the first few years at BP. These roles might be in the exploration, appraisal, development, production or research parts of the business. The overwhelming majority of our positions in the US are based in Houston where geophysicists work on a wide variety of technical challenges in support of our North America Gas, Gulf of Mexico Production, Western Hemisphere Exploration, Global Projects, and Subsurface Technology businesses.

Responsibilities are highly variable but typically are to:
• Contribute as a multi-disciplinary team to the planning and execution of at least one well through operations, monitoring real time drilling data against pre-drill prognosis and within the subsurface geomodels. Gain field and operations experience at the well site.
• Participate in a multi-disciplinary effort to evaluate subsurface uncertainty for a prospect / field in exploration, appraisal, development or production.
• Construct a framework structural model (fault and surfaces) to calculate bulk rock volume. Incorporate rock and fluid properties (porosity, net to gross, water saturation, etc) to complete a hydrocarbon in-place volumetric determination and uncertainty analysis for a field.
• Interpret 2D/3D seismic across a prospect or field to define overburden and reservoir horizons, delivering structural contour and fault maps, reservoir and seal isopach maps. Identify key interpretation uncertainties and develop alternative interpretation scenarios.
• Investigate the variation of seismic attributes and volumes (reflectivity, inverted, AVO data, etc.) to variations in rock properties (porosity, net to gross) in a field.
• Perform wavelet extraction for a 3D seismic volume tying multiple wells and building a single wavelet that is acceptable for the target interval.
• Complete a regional 2D / 3D seismic interpretation using an existing regional geological framework and seismic stratigraphic concepts. Integrate seismic mapping products into regional play fairway maps.
• With support from senior geophysicists, build understanding of fundamental algorithms behind major seismic processing steps (demultiple, velocity estimation, migration, signal processing, VSP) using internal and external tools and methods.

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