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What is Downstream?

7 October 2019
Our hugely diverse Downstream business is the product and service-led arm of BP, with a successful team dedicated to supplying, trading, refining, transporting, manufacturing and marketing new and ever-improving existing product lines

With a strong focus on safety, reliability, quality and efficiency, our Downstream business is looking to the future: maintaining our competitive market position, while increasing our footprint in growing markets.
From engineering to finance, operations to retail, wherever your talents lie, we’re sure to have the right role for you.
Jason Bauer, process engineering superintendent , at Toledo Refinery in Oregon, Ohio, US



Engineering underpins everything we do at BP and is vital to our Downstream operation. Whether you specialise in mechanical, instrument, automotive, chemical or process engineering, you’ll have an important role to play here, helping us manufacture and deliver a range of world-class products and services to customers across the globe.


Whatever engineering role you choose at BP Downstream, you’ll find yourself at a market-leading, global organisation right at the cutting-edge of our industry. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on with state-of-the-art tech. You’ll drive innovation and improvements, work with world-leading professionals, and have all the support and investment you need to take your career to the next level, whether you’re making market-leading lubricants or helping process and transport fuel across the world.



With a history deep in discoveries and a future full of potential, there are incredible opportunities in marketing at BP. From oil, to automotive, to retail, at BP we put essential products and services in the hands of people around the world, and we’re constantly at the cutting-edge of innovation. But everything we do would be for nothing, if it wasn’t for our marketing team.


Working in marketing at BP, you could find yourself developing, launching and managing some of our most high-profile brands, leading insight into customer segmentation and buyer behaviour, or helping build relationships with leading businesses. You’ll reach millions of people, every day, and play an important role in protecting and helping to prosper our rich brand history. Whatever you do, we promise a fulfilling and varied career.

Procurement and supply chain management


When it comes to the way we work, we have ambitious plans to make our business leaner, faster and more effective, maximising the value we deliver and making sure we’re working as efficiently as we can. And, driving these plans to fruition, is our procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) team.


Joining us in procurement and supply chain management, you’ll directly impact BP’s overall business performance and sustainability. From working with our suppliers, to streamlining the way we work, you’ll refine and sharpen process at BP, and create a template for our continued success. We offer excellent opportunities to work across multiple brands covering multiple geographies and clear, definable pathways for you to move up and around our global business.



At BP, we provide essential, innovative products and services to customers across the globe, from clean and efficient fuels and lubricants for your vehicle, to fuelling you with our wild bean coffee. At the heart of making sure customers get more of what they want is our BP Retail team.


Pioneering new ideas, to ensure customers get more of what they want – that’s the mission at the heart of BP retail. Working here, you’ll be joining a positive work environment ripe with opportunities for progression. We’re one of the only retail businesses in the UK currently experiencing significant growth, expansion and transformation – and we want you on our side.



Adding value to our diverse company and improving business performance is the crux of our Finance team’s responsibility at BP Downstream. But it’s more than that: it’s maintaining our history of outstanding financial performance, it’s funding innovation and it’s guaranteeing we continue to offer customers the products and services they need, across the world. 


As part of the finance team, you’ll provide expert advice, drive strategy, offer independent perspectives and deliver efficient processes, working across different locations and cultures to tangibly impact our business – whether that’s talking to South Africa about expenses, or our regional Asian business service centre in Malaysia about improving financial performance. Whatever you do, you’ll do it in an open, inclusive and progressive culture in-keeping with BP values. People matter here.



Operations is the backbone of our global energy business – it’s the key to turning our resources into products that power the world. We’re a huge organisation, and making sure everything runs as seamlessly as possible is a big challenge – but not one too big for our operations team.


From maintenance to monitoring kit, leading others to success to spearheading a project on continuous improvement, there’s all number of things you could be doing in an operations role within BP Downstream, and every one of them matters. But, most importantly, at the heart of what you’ll be doing is harnessing the power of teamwork, and making sure safety is always paramount. If you want to make an impact here, operations is the team to do it.

Research and technology


At BP, we have our sights firmly fixed on the future – and our research and technology team provide the knowledge, expertise and creativity to help us not just get there – but to make it ours. Keeping ourselves at the cutting edge is no easy feat. That’s where our research and technology team come in.


Innovation is always at the front of our minds at BP Downstream. We’re constantly looking for new ways to think, work and make the lives of the people we serve better. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll develop, test and deploy fuel or lubricant products; improve processes, optimise production and efficiency, help us become safer and create innovative solutions for our customers. You’ll be developing our business – and you’ll be developing your career.

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