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Military Placement Programme (MPP)

bp’s supply and trading business offers a fantastic structured placement programme, giving top military leavers the opportunity to gain commercial experience at bp

If successful in gaining a place on the programme, you’ll complete a 12-month paid placement in which you’ll receive all the training and development you’ll need to deliver great things. With the support of a dedicated mentor, you’ll gain a good understanding of the wider supply and trading business as you develop your skills and knowledge to go on to apply for a permanent position.


We are currently not accepting applications for this programme


Please visit our Search and apply page for other opportunities in your area.

Veteran profiles

Tai Lam

Role on MPP: commodity risk analyst

The MPP is a one-year programme that teaches you what it’s like to work at bp.  When I first joined, it was definitely a quicker pace than I thought it would be. I’m used to fast-paced, day-to-day activities, and I like that. 

For me, the whole one-team aspect is something that's really important, what with my military background. We come from many different races, geographies, and social economic upbringings. At bp, we're all one team trying to achieve our goal of supplying clients with the best product. 

If you want to work somewhere that has the camaraderie and focus on that one big goal, just like you have in the military, come join bp.

DeRae Crane

Role on MPP: distribution analyst

I’d had an interest in oil and gas for a few years and I felt that MPP would be a great introduction to the industry. It would allow me to fill industry-specific gaps in my skill set so, when the time came for a permanent role, I could excel.

Leanne Brandling-Harris

Role on MPP: GEP analyst

What stood out about the supply and trading scheme was that it is quite small and targeted, meaning bp really invest time and training in you. They give you a specific role which allows you to develop your sector knowledge and insight, but you’re also given a lot of support to network and have exposure to all sides of the business. From day one you have a sense of purpose and a role to carry out. In the military you make decisions in a strategic way, in a short time frame – and at bp those skills are really valued. It’s a perfect opportunity for anyone with an inquisitive mind who likes to be challenged. There’s so much variety and so many exciting projects - there’s never a dull moment. You really are given the time and support that you need. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

Gordon MacGregor

Role on MPP: project coordinator

There are a number of similarities between bp and the military – a strong emphasis on values and standards being one of many that unify the workforce. The diversity of character within bp reflects, in parts, the military’s composition, enabling value to be added through ability rather than title. My role here at bp has given me the opportunity to engage across the functional areas, exposing me to the full breadth of bp’s supply and trading business. I’ve spent time from the trading floor to a bp vessel discharging gasoline at terminal, which all helps to build the bigger business picture.

Frank Verducci

Role on MPP: director, veteran outreach

Having gained an MBA from the University of Chicago when in the navy, Frank was working as an investment banker when he first came into contact with bp. At the time their structured products team was looking for someone with his unique experience and quickly recruited him. He found it easy to translate the skills he’d learnt in the navy to bp – those of leadership, working as a team under pressure and delivering goals within specified timeframes. Being a large company, he cites the multiple career paths and opportunities available at bp as appealing to veterans. For him, he enjoys the variety of work and the fact that no two days are the same.

What to expect during the programme

As well as receiving technical training, business exposure and commercial experience, you can expect:


  • A real role with real responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Specific induction to support your transition into bp.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Support from a dedicated business mentor.
  • CV and interview skills sessions.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Help to identify and apply for suitable permanent positions.


Whether your long-term career remains within bp or not, completion of our placement programme will give you the best possible start in meeting your post-military career aspirations.

Learning and development

You’ll develop core skills and knowledge through on-the-job and formal training. Combining role-specific with broad industry learning, you’ll gain a firm understanding of your responsibilities, the wider business, and how to perform to the best of your capabilities in that context.


Your training will be tailored to the skills and knowledge required for your role within the business.


Courses may include:

  • Introduction to energy markets and refining.
  • Energy trading operations.
  • Finance and risk training.
  • Systems and Excel training.


You’ll also be able to benefit from any presentations, learning and networking opportunities run by the business during their time on the programme.  


Our programme enables you to gain work experience within one part of bp’s supply and trading business while you seek out a full-time role from within the bp business. Our direct hire opportunities offer the chance to move into full-time roles at a level commensurate with your experience.

Who we're looking for

Service leavers can offer unrivalled experience, outstanding personal qualities and a wealth of transferable skills that will be of considerable benefit to our supply and trading business.

By definition, military personnel are self-disciplined, highly motivated and results-driven. You’ll have been tested in highly demanding and pressurised situations. Quick to learn, you pick up new skills and adapt to new circumstances easily. You take responsibility for your actions and get things done, whatever it takes.
These skills and attributes are hugely attractive to bp. Combine this with excellent analytical skills, the ability to cooperate and work as part of a team, effective networking, excellent communication skills, the desire to learn, ability to deliver commercially and a genuine interest in the oil and gas commodity business, and you could be the ideal candidate for our programme.

Why join bp?

Supply and trading is a global business employing over 3,000 people. Diversity is one of our core strengths and we aim to have a workforce that’s representative of the societies in which we operate.


This means attracting, developing and retaining the best talent – wherever that may come from. Our ability to be competitive and thrive globally depends on it. 


The recruitment of those who have served in our armed forces will add to the mix of skills, experience and perspectives that we have already. What’s more, ex-military personnel have lived our values in the career they’ve enjoyed so far.

About supply and trading

Supply and trading is bp’s face to the traded markets in oil, gas, power, chemicals and finance. Supply and trading has a distinct capability through its people, their skills and know-how, risk management approach, systems and control processes. It creates value for bp by combining those capabilities with the dynamic and material asset base of bp. It’s a global business, with key locations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

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