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Offshore wind energy

Are you ready for a brighter forecast? 
Offshore wind infographic
bp is working towards harnessing the power of offshore wind to generate the equivalent of enough energy to power millions of homes. bp’s ambition is to be a net zero company by 2050, or sooner and to help the world get to net zero. Offshore wind is a crucial aspect of bp’s strategy and a key component of how we are reimagining energy for people and our planet.


We aim to be a global leader in safely developing, building, operating and owning offshore wind farms. We’re making waves towards our aims, but we need you to get there. Investing in building offshore wind projects is a huge undertaking, and to power the scale and pace of growth we’ve forecast, we need the best people in the industry. It’s an exciting time to be involved in sustainability at bp, and we can’t wait to see the work our team does. 

To power your career and be part of the future of sustainability at bp, explore a role in offshore wind.


Here’s where we’re getting involved: 


Morgan and Mona 


We’ve partnered with EnBW to develop offshore wind projects in the Irish Sea. These will have combined potential generating capacity of the equivalent of 3.4 million UK households with renewable electricity when operational.




In the North Sea off the east coast of Scotland lies the site of another project in partnership with EnBW. Morven is planned to have a total potential generating capacity equivalent to the power needed for 3 million homes when operational.


Empire Wind and Beacon Wind  


These projects are the result of a strategic partnership between bp and Equinor. We’re developing two facilities off the coast of New York and Massachusetts that will have the potential to generate energy that is the equivalent of powering more than 2 million homes when operational.  


Global growth


We have announced a strategic partnership with major Japanese trading and investment company, Marubeni to explore a selected offshore wind development opportunity in Japan. This collaboration will also potentially explore other decarbonization projects. We have also formed a consortium with industry leaders Statkraft and Mainstream Renewable Power (formerly Aker Offshore Wind), which will bid to develop offshore wind power in Norway’s Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN2) ‎licence area.

To help us achieve these and our future goals, we’re enhancing our offshore wind team here at bp. We’re growing quickly, and we need the best people to help establish us as a global offshore wind champion. 

Power your career as we work towards net zero by 2050 or sooner.


We need people with a range of skills, vision, and determination to help us move forward with offshore wind. These projects require high performance and people with the right expertise to deliver projects of such size and complexity. We’re looking for deep technical specialists with a passion for innovation and learning, and people that are excited to define the future of renewable energy. 


If your passion and ambition match ours, you could join us on the journey. 


For positive change come rain or shine, and 100% chance of impactful decisions, apply for roles in offshore wind. Power your career and help the world reach net zero faster. 


bp is a global company that offers a world of opportunities. Successful applicants can expect world-class training and the flexibility to realise their full potential, all while leaving a legacy to be proud of. 


If you’re passionate about sustainability and a career with global impacts, explore offshore wind careers. 


Apply now for life-changing roles with far-reaching impacts. 

Meet our offshore wind energy team

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From the people who chart our course to those who put our plans into action, bp is an exciting place to be for anyone who wants to be part of the global energy business

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