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Our world-class training and development will turn you into one of our technicians, engineers or leaders of the future

We are applying the technical skills that have developed in similar deepwater basins around the world extensively in our operations in Angola. We employ some 1,000 staff in Angola, of whom more than 70% are Angolan. With a strong foundation for long-term growth in Angola, we continue to recruit talented people and develop them in order to be the technicians, engineers and leaders of the future. You could play a key role in our future exploration and development success.


We believe that our success in Angola is inherently linked to the development of our employees. That’s why we will invest heavily to help you develop your personal and professional skills in line with your interests and ambitions.

Working for bp in Angola
bp in Angola

Rewards and benefits

We’ll make sure that you’re recognized and competitively rewarded for your performance. Your salary will take into consideration your skills, knowledge and experience and will be reviewed once a year. In addition to salary, you’ll be entitled to the following allowances: 


  • Variable pay plans and share programmes
  • Year-end performance-related bonus (13th cheque)
  • Transportation allowance
  • Assistance to access a bank loan or finance repayments to purchase or construct a house
  • Interest-free loan of up to three months’ salary, to a maximum value of $25,000
  • Vacation allowance
  • Christmas allowance
  • Lunch allowance

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