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Imagine inspiring an entire workforce to become fully agile

Imagine yourself solving complex energy challenges for a better world

We’re transforming how we do business, reimagining bp for the future and improving the value we offer our customers. Why? So we can become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and help the world get there too.

That transformation equals change, and change here is about becoming agile. Agility at bp will improve productivity and processes. It bridges the way for a more efficient landscape and offers people the chance to feel more trusted, independent and  that they belong. Working nimbly and purposefully is a mindset that drives future thinking and adaptive innovations. It considers the bigger picture while getting into the nitty gritty of the finer details. We’ve already made great headway on our agile journey.


But it’s time to up our game to give our company and our employees the time to embrace a new working culture and the opportunity to get the most out of it for their careers.


In short, it helps us to be better, together.

Driving agile working for a better tomorrow

Agile workers in a scrum meeting

The next generation of change for us now is integrating agility deeper into our organisation. We’ll do this by creating a centre for agility coaching expertise. Which means taking inspiring agile advocates – or Agility Coaches as they’re better known –who share our vision and setting them on a path of transformation.

Our coaches will promote our agile mindset, encourage people to take on more efficient processes, act as agents for change and support people through our evolution. These are colleagues who have the power to realise our full potential – on a global scale. They’re the ones who can bring people out of their shells and develop new skills. The ones who will help us navigate an ever-changing world.

What next for our teams?

Agile workers working at a white board

In our quest for a more agile environment, we’re creating a dynamic and organic business that makes the best possible use of all its resources, reimagines energy and reinvents who we are on our journey towards net zero. It’s a flexible mission that adapts as we do and evolves as we strengthen who we want to be. It’s one that is ambitious but not unrealistic.

The past three years have been important in our step towards this agile future. Already, 350 bp teams have contributed to over $1bn of accelerated delivery through cost-saving engineering innovations and efficient delivery. Alongside this, we’ve embraced new strategies, leaner practices and invested in the people who can make real and positive change. People who believe in sustainable initiatives and collaborative innovations. People like you.

What we need from you


We’re looking for leaders who have what it takes to influence an entire culture, shift ingrained behaviours and train people for a new era of work. We’re ready to welcome new, agile-experienced team members who can show us what needs to be done and equip our employees with new, necessary skills for the future. Change is never easy, but the agile professionals we want to bring on board will know how to work within the status quo of a company in order to transform it in a way that every team member buys into.

Want to join a team of coaches geared towards the future?



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