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STRYDE is reinventing seismic. With our fearless attitude and agile delivery, we are approaching big challenges in a way that fosters a culture of innovation. We are looking at the future, and STRYDE will change the way that seismic is done

Working for STRYDE you can expect:

  • An opportunity to disrupt - creative solutions that get the best out of everything.
  • Pace & Momentum - we are a lightweight organization - each facet of what we do moves quickly; you will need to!
  • To do better - the technology we are building has less impact on the environment and is safer for the crews deploying in the field.

Role Title: Chief Geophysicist


Role Overview: We are looking for someone who with a strong background in seismic acquisition, with an advanced understanding of the full life cycle of seismic from acquisition through to interpretation. This individual will join the Commercial Team, supporting Product Development, Sales and provision of STRYDE’s differentiated seismic services to our customers.   


What you will do:   

  • Promote STRYDE’s vision and influence industry that STRYDE’s products are the way the industry must go: higher trace density surveys delivered faster, more efficiently with reduced environmental impact and reduced risk.
  • Encourage operators and acquisition contractors to “rip up the rule book” – STRYDE’s technology enables novel survey designs even in complex terrains. To some companies, this will be obvious, but more conservative operators will need to be brought on this journey.
  • Raise customer understanding of how STRYDE’s products help them.
  • Work with the Product Owner to shape the product pipeline and with the Product Development Dept. to evaluate the geophysical results of field tests.
  • Explain to the STRYDE management team how proposed future products will positively impact STRYDE’s bottom line whilst also delivering a step change in value to our customers.
  • Prepare and deliver impactful technical papers at regional and / or international Geophysical meetings (e.g. EAGE & SEG conventions).        
  • Lead technical sales and influencing, working with the sales team.
  • Gather information on geophysical and industry trends, understanding what the market wants and how STRYDE can deliver solutions ahead of the competition.
  • Oversee design of field tests with clients, from design to interpretation.


What we are looking for:  

  • Significant experience of seismic acquisition and processing experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Geophysics or a closely related discipline.    
  • Experience in land (extensive) plus transition zone, marine and seabed seismic acquisition.  
  • Technical understanding and practical experience with acquisition technologies (recording systems and source technologies).
  • Excellent communications skills, with a proven ability to prepare presentations and to write articles for leading conferences and journals.
  • A strong network spanning oil companies and seismic acquisition contractors is desirable
  • Comfortable and convincing in client facing roles
  • Must be willing to travel frequently.

 This is a great opportunity for someone who is innovative and passionate about seismic imaging and processing and wants to be part of a world class team to bring this game changing technology to full commercial deployment.