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Trading & shipping

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Trading & shipping at bp

As one of the world’s most developed commodity trading businesses, our trading & shipping arm keeps the planet’s energy moving. With an extensive portfolio and expertise in physical supply and trading and bespoke financial structures, this part of bp enables over 12,000 customers to make the most of their assets – all while offering people like you an excellent place to begin a rewarding career. 


Alongside a unique opportunity to act as a key integrator of multi-energy solutions across bp, trading & shipping is perfectly placed to support the company’s journey to net zero whilst delivering distinctive competitive advantage. To do this, we’ll need to be constantly pursuing commercial opportunities. Optimizing our core businesses. Looking for new revenue streams. Striving for more innovative digital and customer solutions, as well as building closer collaboration across bp and beyond. Throughout, the deep expertise and leadership of our people will be key to helping us continue to be one of the world’s leading energy traders.  


That’s why we’re looking for the sharpest minds and brightest talent and empowering them to progress in our inclusive and agile culture. By joining trading & shipping, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of it all, while working with some of the most dynamic, diverse and high performing teams around.

How we do it

Now that you know a little more about what we do, we’d like to take the opportunity to share some details around how we do it and why our approach makes us stand out from the crowd.

At bp, we take great pride in our open and collaborative approach to commercialism, and the support we offer to our people as they use their drive, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial edge to contribute to our success. We’re also strong believers in equality and inclusion. It’s one of the reasons why we maintain a flat structure and have an open trading floor plan – giving you access to colleagues from diverse backgrounds, with differing perspectives and levels of experience.
We take talent from diverse backgrounds who have an interest in financial markets and have the drive and aptitude to succeed. If you can bring a commercial focus, entrepreneurial mindset, curiosity and flexibility, our trading & shipping programme will connect you with some of the very best learning and education in the industry. You will have work responsibilities in roles and projects that impact the bottom line. Opportunities to visit refineries, ships, tank farms and beyond. A buddy scheme pairing you up with a current employee in the program. And much more. If you’re looking to learn and grow your skills, there is no better place than bp.
We know that our success is directly linked to behaving ethically and looking after what matters most – our people. It’s why we’ve worked so hard to build trading & shipping into a welcoming environment where representation and inclusion are always top of mind. Where the mental health and well-being of every colleague is respected and safeguarded – both inside and out of work. Employees have a voice – they’re actively encouraged to share their ideas while we listen. We play by the rules, striking deals in an ethical and responsible way, seeking win-win outcomes. Outreach programs help us give back to the diverse communities our employees represent. Put simply, this is trading with a purpose – and we all profit as a result.
Joining trading & shipping as a student or graduate is your opportunity to transform your future – and play an integral part in helping us do likewise. We’ve got ambitious plans to reinvent bp, starting with achieving net zero status across our operations by 2050 or sooner, and cutting the carbon intensity of the products we sell by 50% in the same timeframe. Alongside this, we’re increasing the proportion of investment we make into non-oil and gas businesses. For you, that means developing your skills during a pivotal moment of our history and applying your talents to high profile initiatives set to redefine our role within the energy industry. Take advantage of the opportunities within the programme and there’s no telling how far you could go within bp.

What’s on offer 


Our trading & shipping internship programme is a chance to start learning and growing with us as you work on some of the most exciting and technically challenging projects our industry has to offer. Each intern will be placed in a team and is expected to be an integral part of the team’s success.  You’ll benefit from training, development and support. 


The learning and education team will be on hand to ensure you’re involved in projects and roles of significant value – giving you exposure to markets, deal making and commercial opportunities.  And, whether you’re learning on the job or in the classroom, joining our trading & shipping internship programme is the perfect springboard to a rewarding career. 

Ready to start exploring our latest entry level trading & shipping opportunities? Simply select your location from the list below and see where a career with bp could take you. 

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