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bp experience

Register to attend and, across four immersive, interactive and informative demonstration zones, we’ll show you what the future of energy could look like

Climate change. Global expansion. Economic growth. As the world undergoes unprecedented change, how can the energy industry work towards fuelling the reliable supply it needs, both now and in the future? That’s the question we’ll be exploring at the bp Experience Event.


At bp, we’re embracing the increase in demand as an opportunity to evolve. To bring together our technology, innovation and insight so we can explore new possibilities. Together, we’re advancing the future of energy. And at this immersive experience evening, you’ll discover what it would be a like to be a part of an exciting period of change.


Join our experts and explore one of the world’s most influential integrated businesses, as you see how you could play your part in shaping the future of energy. Featuring our interactive Field of the Future model, cutting-edge HoloLens technology, augmented reality and more, it’s a unique and innovative way to learn all about our science, engineering, trading and business teams.


Register to attend and, across four immersive, interactive and informative demonstration zones, we’ll show you what the future of energy could look like. Come along and learn, grow and advance, towards a career you can be proud of.

Zone one
This zone is all about the pioneering exploration and production side of our business, where we discover new resources and find smarter, safer ways to secure them. We’ll introduce you to our Field of the Future programme, which uses cutting-edge technologies to install networks and infrastructure across and beneath our oilfields. Using augmented reality technology, you’ll get an insight into how we integrate emerging tech into our operations.
Zone two
We’re making advances in technology work for us everywhere. Our HoloLens devices allow multiple people to look at and interact with digital outcrop models from different locations in mixed reality. It means our Subsurface teams can collaborate better and improve how geologists do structural analysis. We’re also using drones to capture aerial images – and since that initiative was developed in-house, it does exactly what we need it to.
Zone three
Here, you’ll see the big picture powering big projects and delivering energy on a global scale. Our exciting ‘Gem360’ experience is a geospatial application providing real-time tracking, visualisation and analytics for vessels and other energy-related assets. You’ll see how machine learning and statistical analysis tools offer the user the capability of analyzing status changes, product flow, and the changing relationships between assets.
Zone four
Now’s your chance to hear first-hand from a bp team expert, specialising in one of the vital areas that keep our global business running. They’ll give you their personal perspective on life at bp, and you’ll be able to ask them all of the questions that matter most to you.

Your evening will end with refreshments, drinks and an informal networking opportunity, where our recruiters will share their tips and bp employees will be on hand to answer your questions. If you’re successful in confirming your place at the event on campus, you’ll receive an email invitation with further event details.


If you need any adjustments due to illness, injury or a disability, please don’t hesitate to email us at: campusevents@uk.bp.com

Our events have now closed.