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bp presents

The world as we know it is changing. As technology and innovation shapes our everyday lives at an unprecedented rate, society finds itself navigating new growth that impacts us all. With global expansion comes higher demands and emerging needs. As a result, the energy sector is facing its most challenging, but exciting, period yet.


At bp, we’re advancing energy to meet the demands of this rapidly changing world. And as we set our sights on leading the way to a brighter, low-carbon future, we’re bringing together a team of experts to explain how these developments could present an incredible career opportunity for you.


Our panel discussion will challenge your perceptions of bp and our industry as a whole. Whether developing digital applications or low solutions, technology is transforming the way we work. It means the range of engineering, science and business positions we offer are wider and more varied than ever before – and so is the impact you can make.


Whatever your field of study, you can make a difference. To show you how, our team will be sharing their own career journeys and answering your questions. There will also be networking opportunities after our panel discussion, where you’ll have the chance to connect and chat with members of our team in person, over something to eat and drink.


Want to learn how you could advance the future of energy? Join the conversation.

Our events – which are open to all year groups and courses, have now closed.