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Energy Outlook videos

In a hurry? Watch our bite-sized interviews with group chief economist Spencer Dale to discover the key trends in this year's Energy Outlook before taking a deeper dive into the detail

At a glance

Watch our animated overview of the outlook for global energy

Energy illustrated

The first edition of Spencer Dale's new illustrated web series 

Key findings

Spencer Dale details the key trends influencing global demand for energy

The global backdrop

“The section on the global backdrop outlines the key forces shaping global energy demand over the next 20 years. The key driver here is increasing prosperity in the developing world as billions of people are lifted from low to middle incomes.”


Spencer Dale, group chief economist, highlights the key forces shaping energy demand against the current global backdrop

Energy demand by sector

“The section on sectors looks at how energy is consumed and used across the global energy system, within industry, buildings, transport and power. It updates on the mobility revolution, the interaction of electric cars, shared mobility and autonomy.”


Spencer Dale, group chief economist, also reveals some new analysis on plastics in relation to energy demand by sector

Energy demand by region

“The section on regions considers how the demand and supply of energy is shifting across different parts of the world. It highlights how the centre of gravity of energy demand is shifting towards the developing world.”


In the video, Spencer Dale, group chief economist, notes the importance of the shale revolution in the emergence of the US as the world's major producer of oil and gas

Demand and supply of fuels

“The section on fuels considers which fuels and energies grow to meet the increase in global energy demand. It emphasizes the increasing importance of renewable energy led by wind and solar, and also of natural gas.”


Spencer Dale, group chief economist, provides an update on the factors affecting demand and supply of fuels globally

Carbon emissions

“The section on carbon emissions develops an alternative rapid transition scenario in which carbon emissions falls by around 45% ... and considers the range of policy measures that will be needed to achieve that rapid transition.”


Spencer Dale, group chief economist, introduces an alternative 'rapid transition' scenario in relation to carbon emissions

Comparisons with previous Outlooks

“The comparisons section compares this year's updated evolving transition scenarios with past Energy Outlooks, and also with a range of external outlooks to identify some of the big uncertainties and surprises in this year's Outlook.”


Spencer Dale, group chief economist, reviews some differences in approach between previous Outlooks and this year's report