Coal production

World coal production increased by 105 million tonnes of oil equivalent or 3.2%, the fastest rate of growth since 2011

Production rose by 56 mtoe (3.6%) in China and 23 mtoe (6.9%) in the US. Interestingly, the increase in US production came despite a further fall in domestic consumption, with US coal producers instead increasing exports to Asia.

Coal production by region (million tonnes oil equivalent)

Coal production by region (million tonnes oil equivalent)


Coal production includes data for commercial solid fuels only. Included in the hard coal category are bituminous and anthracite. The sub-bituminous coal includes lignite and brown coal. Other commercial solid fuels are also included. The data excludes coal converted to liquid or gaseous fuels but includes coal consumed in transformation processes.

In the coal production PDF table, the units are in million tonnes oil equivalent (mtoe). The data can also be downloaded from the Excel workbook in million tonnes.

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