Oil production

World oil production rose by only 0.6 million b/d in 2017, below average for the second consecutive year

Production fell in the Middle East (-250,000 b/d) and South & Central America (-240,000 Kb/d) but this was outweighed by growth from North America (820,000 b/d) and Africa (390,000 b/d).

After growing by 1.3 Mb/d in 2016, output by OPEC and other members of the Vienna group fell [0.3 Mb/d] last year as the cuts in production took effect. In contrast after falling in 2016, oil countries outside the Vienna group grew by 1.5 Mb/d, led by the US and a bounce back in Libya (which was not part of the Vienna agreement).

Oil production by region (million barrels daily)

Oil production by region (million barrels daily)


Oil production data includes crude oil, tight oil, oil sands and NGLs (the liquid content of natural gas where this is recovered separately). The data excludes liquid fuels from other sources such as biomass and derivatives of coal and natural gas.

World oil production tables are available in both thousand barrels daily and million tonnes.

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