Wind energy

Wind power continues to grow strongly, providing 4.4% of global power

Wind power generating capacity grew by 10% in 2017, with capacity increasing by 47 GW to reach 515 GW by the end of 2017.

China leads the world in terms of installed wind capacity (164 GW), and in 2017 China recorded the largest addition of new wind capacity (15 GW), followed by the US (6 GW), Germany (6 GW), India (4 GW) and UK (4 GW).

Wind power generation grew by more than 17% in 2017 to reach 1120 TWh, or 4.4% of total world electricity generation. That is more than the total power generation of Russia, the world’s fourth largest power generator. China was the largest wind power producer last year, growing by 21% and contributing 30% of global growth in wind power.

Wind has become an important contributor to European electricity generation. In Denmark wind power provided more than 48% of power generation in 2017: and wind power now provides 15% or more of power generated in Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. Wind has a much smaller share in the US, where it contributed just under 6% of power generation in 2017; and in China, where wind provided just under 4% of power.

Installed wind generation capacity (gigawatts, cumulative installed capacity)

Installed wind generation capacity (gigawatts, cumulative installed capacity)

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