Attending the meeting

Where and when will the meeting be held?

The meeting will be held at Manchester Central Convention Complex, Windmill Street, Manchester M2 3GX, United Kingdom, on Monday 21 May 2018.

The meeting will start at 11.30am so please allow plenty of time to travel. The doors will open at 10am. Please enter via the Charter Foyer entrance. A map of the venue is shown here.

Is the meeting at the same location as last year?

No. Please note that this year’s AGM will be held at Manchester Central Convention Complex. Full instructions on how to get to the meeting are shown here.

I want to participate in the meeting but cannot attend – what can I do?

You can vote your shares by appointing a proxy – see here. Any voting instructions you have validly given in advance will be counted at the meeting. Parts of the meeting may be available to watch online after the meeting.

What documents do I need to bring?

Please bring your admission card, if you have one.

If you receive your notifications by email, you will be asked to show a copy, either on an electronic device or as a print out.

Please be prepared to provide evidence of your shareholding and/or identity.

If you are attending on behalf of a registered holder of shares you must bring photographic proof of identity and evidence of your appointment to represent that shareholder, including their admission card if possible.

This includes people appointed as proxies, corporate representatives and those with power of attorney. See here.

What security measures should I expect?

BP takes safety and security very seriously. You will be asked to pass through our security systems before entering the meeting. This will involve security arches and all bags will be searched. Due to the high volume of people attending the meeting there may be a wait, therefore you should arrive early to allow time to pass through security before the meeting starts.

We do not permit behaviour that may interfere with anyone’s security or safety or the good order of the meeting. Anyone who does not comply may be removed from the meeting.

The taking of photos and the filming or recording of proceedings is prohibited and you will be asked to leave should you be identified as doing so.

Mobile phones and electronic communication equipment must be turned off prior to entering the auditorium.

What bags are allowed in the meeting?

Given the auditorium capacity and our security search procedures, it is better for everyone if you do not bring a bag at all. Only small handbags or small laptop bags will be allowed into the meeting. Please do not bring any large bags to Manchester Central.

I hold shares through a broker or nominee, how can I attend?

You will need to ask your broker or nominee to appoint you as either a proxy or as a corporate representative. If they appoint you as a proxy,
the appointment must be notified to the BP Registrar by the appropriate deadline. If they appoint you as a corporate representative, they will need to write a letter to us setting out the details of the appointment and of your shareholding, and you will need to bring the letter with you to the meeting along with photographic proof of identity. If you do not have such a letter, or the BP Registrar has not been notified of your appointment as a proxy, you may be denied entry to the meeting and will be unable to vote.

A sample of the type of letter we will accept for the appointment of a corporate representative can be found at Please note that proxies and corporate representatives may not bring guests to the meeting.

May I bring a guest or a child?

The AGM is a private meeting of shareholders and their representatives.

Guests are not entitled to attend the meeting as of right but they may be permitted entry at the absolute discretion of the company at all times. 

Shareholders wishing to bring a guest must notify the BP Registrar or the depositary in advance. Ordinary and preference shareholders should contact the BP Registrar. ADS holders should contact the depositary. Contact details are available on our Contacts and useful documents page.

All guests must bring photographic proof of identity and enter the meeting at the same time as the shareholder.

Proxies, corporate representatives and employee share plan participants
may not bring guests to the meeting.

We suggest that it is not appropriate to bring young children. There will be no crèche facilities at the meeting.

May I ask a question at the meeting?

Shareholders, proxies and corporate representatives have a right to ask questions in accordance with Section 319A of the Companies Act 2006. If you wish to ask a question please tell an usher on entry to the auditorium so that you can be seated near a question point.

Please endeavour to keep your questions short and relevant to the resolution being discussed.

It is planned that members of the board and a number of senior executives will meet shareholders after the meeting.

Is it possible that I will be filmed?

The meeting, including question and answer sessions with shareholders, as well as background shots of those present in the auditorium will be recorded on film. Parts of this footage may be made available on the BP website after the meeting.

We have also arranged for images to be taken throughout the premises for the duration of the event. These images may be used in future publications online or in print. If you attend the AGM in person, you may be included in images or in the recording of the meeting. Please note that the photographs and broadcast footage may be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Do you have help for shareholders with special needs?

A dedicated hearing loop area will be available. If you are in a wheelchair or in need of help from a companion, please let us know at registration so that we can assist you.

What documents are available for inspection?

Copies of:

a. t he new Articles of Association proposed to be adopted by resolution 22 along with a copy marked up to show the changes from the current Articles of Association; and

b. directors’ service contracts or letters of appointment with the company

are available for inspection during normal business hours at 1 St. James’s Square, London SW1Y 4PD and will be at Manchester Central Convention Complex from 10am on 21 May 2018 until the conclusion of the AGM.

How can I vote at the meeting?

Shareholders, registered ADS holders and their proxies or corporate representatives will be given a poll card at registration. After opening the meeting, the chairman will put all the resolutions to the meeting and poll boxes will be available for you to deposit your completed card. Please remember to sign it.

The poll will close half an hour after the meeting ends.

How are the votes counted?

Voting on all substantive resolutions is by a poll, as required by the company’s articles of association. In a global company such as ours, we think poll voting is the fairest approach. Pursuant to the company’s articles of association there will be no voting on the substantive resolutions by a show of hands.

In accordance with UK listing requirements, we have included a ‘vote withheld’ column on our proxy and poll cards. A vote withheld is not a vote in law and will not be counted in calculation of the proportion of votes ‘for’ or ‘against’ a resolution.

How can I find out the result of the vote?

It is expected that the total of the votes cast by shareholders ‘for’ or ‘against’ or ‘withheld’ on each resolution will be published on by Tuesday 22 May 2018.