Directors' remuneration report 2016

This year we proposed a new remuneration policy that we put forward for approval by shareholders at the 2017 AGM

Professor Dame Ann Dowling, chair of the remuneration committee

"After a thorough review and extensive shareholder engagement, we believe the new policy is simpler, transparent and has strategic focus."

An introduction from the remuneration committee chair with summaries of our 2016 pay outcomes and our proposed 2017 policy. Also included is the 2016 single figure table and how we considered stakeholder views. 

Key downloads

The full report includes the letter from the remuneration committee chair, 2016 pay outcomes, our new policy and how we plan to implement the policy for 2017.
Full details of our new policy highlighting the key changes and the measures we’ll use to assess performance.
Find out how we assessed performance and the committee’s use of judgement and discretion in 2016 and how we plan to implement the policy in 2017.
The remuneration policy applicable for 2016 outcomes.

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