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BP Midstream Partners K-3 and Form 8937

On April 5, 2022, BP Midstream Partners, LP (the “Partnership”) announced that a bp affiliate completed the acquisition of all outstanding common units of the Partnership not owned by bp or its affiliates and the Partnership’s common units would no longer be listed on the NYSE.  The Partnership today announced that its 2021 Schedule K-3 reflecting items of international tax relevance is available online. Former unitholders requiring this information may access their 2021 Schedules K-3 at www.taxpackagesupport.com/bpmp


A limited number of former unitholders (primarily foreign unitholders, unitholders computing a foreign tax credit on their tax return and certain corporate and/or partnership unitholders) may need the detailed information disclosed on Schedule K-3 for their specific reporting requirements.  To the extent Schedule K-3 is applicable to your federal income tax return filing needs, we encourage you to review the information contained on this form and refer to the appropriate federal laws and guidance or consult with your tax advisor.

To receive an electronic copy of your Schedule K-3 via email, unitholders may call Tax Package Support toll free at 1-833-693-1183.

Documents relating to the acquisition of BP Midstream Partners L.P.

As per Treasury Reg. Section 1.6045B-1(g), Example 1(iii), this document will be available for inspection on this site for a period of 10 years from April 2022.