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bp week 2020

14 -16 September

Over three afternoons on 14-16 September 2020, chief executive officer Bernard Looney and members of his leadership team offered further insight into bp’s new strategy, which was launched on 4 August. bp week also included the launch of this year's Energy Outlook, hosted by group chief economist Spencer Dale.


Sessions were hosted online only and included the opportunity for Q&A.

Day one

bp week opening remarks

Bernard Looney opened the event and set the scene for bp week before handing over to Spencer Dale for the launch of the Energy Outlook 2020.


Presented by

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer


Energy outlook and Q&A

Spencer Dale introduced the 2020 Energy Outlook, exploring the forces likely to shape the global energy transition over the next 30 years.


Presented by

Spencer Dale, group chief economist


Capital markets days introduction

Bernard Looney provided an introduction to the capital markets day.


Presented by

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer


Reimagining energy

Giulia Chierchia introduced the new sustainability framework underpinning bp’s delivery of cleaner energy.


Presented by

Giulia Chierchia, EVP strategy & sustainability


Reinventing bp: people and culture 

Kerry Dryburgh discussed how purpose, culture and leadership are empowering bp’s people.


Presented by

Kerry Dryburgh, EVP people & culture



The day closed with a Q&A session hosted by Bernard, Giulia, Kerry and Murray Auchincloss, chief financial officer.


Presented by

As above

Day two

Low carbon electricity and energy

Dev Sanyal provided further detail on bp’s plans for growth in low electricity and energy.


Presented by

Dev Sanyal, EVP gas & low carbon energy


Integrating energy systems

Carol Howle hosted a session on integrating energy systems.


Presented by

Carol Howle, EVP trading & shipping


Partnering with countries, cities and industries

William Lin described bp’s plans for partnering with countries, cities and industries.


Presented by

William Lin, EVP regions, cities & solutions


Convenience and mobility

Emma Delaney shared her vision for the future of convenience and mobility.


Presented by

Emma Delaney, EVP customers & products

Day three

Resilient and focused hydrocarbons

Gordon Birrell discussed the role of resilient and focused hydrocarbons.


Presented by

Gordon Birrell, EVP production & operations


Driving digital and innovation

David Eyton set out bp’s plans to drive digital and innovation across the business.


Presented by

David Eyton, EVP innovation & engineering


Financial frame

Murray Auchincloss presented bp’s financial frame.


Presented by

Murray Auchincloss, chief financial officer


Closing remarks

Bernard Looney gave his remarks on the three days and closed the event.


Presented by

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer