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Quarterly financial result estimates are not available at this time.  

bp fourth quarter 2023 consensus
Adjusted average
Gas & low carbon 1,960
Oil production & operations 3,350
Customers & products 860
Other businesses & corporate (330)
Consolidation adjustment 0
RCP before interest and tax
Interest and other financial expenses
Tax (2,150)
Underlying RC result 2,780
Effective tax rate (%) 42%
23 participating brokers
22 inputs for GLCE and OPO to exclude inputs submitted using former 'Upstream' segmentation

4Q 2023 – Analyst Consensus - Legal disclaimer


The analysts’ consensus estimates for BP plc (the “analyst consensus”) which are available on bp.com are provided for the convenience of our investors and for informational purposes only.
The analyst consensus is collated from estimates submitted by third party analysts to bp. The analyst consensus figure for each line item presented represents the arithmetic mean of all estimated figures submitted to bp by analysts for that particular item after deducting the highest and lowest figure*. The analyst consensus reflects estimates received by bp between 8 and 19 January 2024 and bp assumes no obligation to update, revise or supplement the analyst consensus to reflect circumstances existing after the date on which any of the estimates were received.
Neither the analyst consensus nor any analyst’s estimates or figures which have been included within it have been prepared, endorsed or verified by bp.  Any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding bp’s performance made by an analyst and which are included or otherwise reflected in the analyst consensus are those of that analyst alone and do not represent opinions, estimates, forecasts, predictions or projections of BP plc or its management.  
No warranty or representation is made regarding the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information contained in the analyst consensus, any research undertaken by any of the analysts, the reasonableness of any assumptions or projections used by any of the analysts or the likelihood of achieving any of the estimates or forecasts set out in the analyst consensus. Neither BP plc nor any of its subsidiaries (nor their respective officers, employees and agents) accepts any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising from reliance on or actions taken based on, any of the information set out in the analyst consensus. The analyst consensus and the opinions, estimates and forecasts contained within it are forward-looking and as such are speculative, involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on assumptions and circumstances that will or may occur in the future and which are outside the control of bp.  Actual results may differ materially from those expressed in the analyst consensus. Nothing in the analyst consensus should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares or other securities of BP plc.
*This methodology is applied to RCOP, RCP and Effective tax rate (%) and as a result, summation of the preceding line items may differ from numbers presented. 
Analyst contact details
Firm Contact Region Email
AB Bernstein
Oswald Clint
Lydia Rainforth
UK Lydia.Rainforth@barclays.com
Henry Tarr
UK Henry.tarr@berenberg.com
BofA Securities Christopher Kuplent
UK  -
Alastair Syme UK alastair.syme@citi.com
Evercore ISI
Stephen Richardson US Stephen.richardson@evercoreisi.com
Exane BNP Paribas
Lucas Herrmann UK lucas.herrmann@exanebnpparibas.com
Goldman Sachs
Michele Della Vigna UK Michele.DellaVigna@gs.com
Kim Fustier UK kim.fustier@hsbc.com
Giacomo Romeo
UK Giacomo.romeo@jefferies.com
J.P. Morgan
Christyan F.N. Malek UK christyan.f.malek@jpmorgan.com
Kepler Cheuvreux
Bertrand Hodee UK bhodee@keplercheuvreux.com
Morgan Stanley
Martijn Rats UK martijn.rats@morganstanley.com
Ahmed Ben Salem UK ahmed.ben-salem@oddo-bhf.com
Piper Sandler
Ryan Todd US Ryan.todd@psc.com
Raymond James
Justin Jenkins US Justin.Jenkins@RaymondJames.com
Biraj Borkhataria UK biraj.borkhataria@rbccm.com
Peter Low UK peter.low@redburn.com
Paul Y. Cheng US Paul.cheng@scotiabank.com
Societe Generale
Irene Himona UK irene.himona@sgcib.com
TD Securities Menno Hulshof US Menno.Hulshof@tdsecurities.com
Tudor Pickering Holt & Co
Matthew Murphy US mmurphy@tphco.com
Henri Patricot UK henri.patricot@ubs.com
Wells Fargo Securities, LLC Roger Read US Roger.read@wellsfargo.com
Wolfe Research Sam Margolin US smargolin@wolferesearch.com