West Nile Delta – Taurus / Libra, Egypt

80 mboed peak annual average production, net to BP

Completed:  24 Mar 2017

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“West Nile Delta is a strategic national project that will add significant gas production to the Egyptian market and is another example of BP’s commitment to Egypt. Our continuing investments in the country, including West Nile Delta, Atoll and our recent investment in Zohr, are laying the foundations for growth for BP in Egypt well into the future." - Bob Dudley, group chief executive

The WND development consists of five gas fields across two BP-operated offshore concession blocks, North Alexandria and West Mediterranean Deepwater.  Production from the five fields is expected to reach up to 1.3 billion cubic feet a day (bcf/d), equivalent to about 30 per cent of Egypt’s current gas production. All the produced gas will be fed into the national gas grid.

The West Nile Delta development has been executed as two major projects enabling BP to accelerate its gas production commitment to Egypt. The Taurus and Libra project is a subsea greenfield development with nine wells (six in Taurus and three in Libra) and a 42 km tie back. Gas will be processed at an existing onshore processing facility and will enter into the Egyptian national gas grid via a nearby export pipeline.
Location Egypt
Operator BP
Partners BP (82.75%), RWE Dea (17.25%)
Projects type Conventional gas
Peak annual average production
~105 mboed (gross)
~80 mboed (net)
Production started on the 24 March 2017 from Taurus and Libra, which were fast-tracked to add up to 600 mmscfd daily to the Egyptian national gas grid.

Giza, Fayoum and Raven are the remaining three fields of the West Nile Delta development. The project includes fifteen wells and two deep-water long distance subsea tie-backs to the shore.  Fluids will be processed through an onshore plant modified for Giza Fayoum and integrated with a new adjacent onshore plant for Raven. First gas from Giza / Fayoum is expected in 2018, followed by Raven in 2019.


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