Thunder Horse Northwest Expansion

~15 mboed peak annual average production, net to BP

Completed:  18 October 2018 

"Our business in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates our Upstream strategy in action. Leveraging our world-class position and facilities, we are bringing new barrels online rapidly and efficiently, and uncovering more opportunities nearby. We are focused on growing value and these projects in the Gulf are competitive with any opportunities we have worldwide. This is what we mean by growing advantaged oil."  - Bernard Looney, chief executive, Upstream

The Thunder Horse platform is located around 150 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6,000 feet of water. The Northwest Expansion Project comprises a new two-slot manifold, subsea controls and chemical distribution, and tie-in of two new development wells.

Location US - Gulf of Mexico
Operator BP
Partners BP (75%), ExxonMobil (25%)
Project type Deepwater oil
Peak annual average production
~25 mboed (gross)
~15 mboed (net)


THNWX subsea manifold being loaded onto offshore supply vessel at the Houston Ship Channel.

THNWX subsea manifold that ties into the two wells in the north Thunder Horse field.

Subsea Metering Skid

Subsea manifold being lowered to the north Thunder Horse field in 6000 feet of water.

Subsea LiDAR dataset

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