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BP group chief executive at World Gas Conference

26 Jun 2018 - "Some people may not be aware of the benefits of gas. Others see the benefits, but are genuinely concerned about methane emissions. That’s a legitimate concern and we share it – in fact, we’re in action"

Upstream chief executive at the World Gas Conference

28 Jun 2018 - "We identified a list of nearly a hundred actions we can take – in addition to the all the activity underway already. All those actions together are designed to keep our global methane intensity at 0.2%, which is where it is today"

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The 2017 rise in gas consumption

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International Women in Engineering Day

"What I tell young women is don't be afraid to embark on a bit of a road less travelled." BP America chair and president Susan Dio on encouraging women into the industry


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BP invests in ultra-fast charging battery company StoreDot

BP has announced a $20 million investment in ultra-fast-charging battery start-up company StoreDot, which is developing technology that could eventually see electric vehicle (EV) charging times fall to five minutes