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BP targets a low carbon future

BP has said its net greenhouse gas emissions out to 2025 will remain at or below 2015 levels. This target comes in a new report, Advancing the Energy Transition, which sets out BP’s plans to help address the dual challenge of meeting the world’s increasing demand for energy, at the same time as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

Joint venture to fund green infrastructure in India

Lightsource BP has teamed up with one of India’s leading private equity firms to create a fund management platform for low carbon energy infrastructure projects in India.

BP and Petrobras form alliance

BP and Petrobras have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore potential joint commercial agreements in areas of mutual interest

BP's CFO Brian Gilvary talks to Bloomberg

In a wide-ranging 18-minute interview with Bloomberg’s Tina Davis at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) summit this week, BP chief financial officer Brian Gilvary answers several questions

Advancing the energy transition launch

"Products or activities carrying the Advancing Low Carbon logo are ones we believe will make a meaningful contribution to lower carbon - and we’re already seeing how it’s inspiring our people to look for new and better, lower carbon ways of doing things."

Advancing the energy transition – Bob Dudley, BP head office, London, UK

BP’s Upstream CEO Bernard Looney on the opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Brazil

“Brazil is a very exciting place in the energy world at the moment. It has a long history of exploration and production, but it also has a lot of unexplored and undeveloped resource that is now being unlocked.”


Tesla and BP test battery storage at US wind farm

A Tesla high-storage battery is set to be installed at one of BP’s wind farms later this year, in a pilot programme aimed at testing how effectively wind energy can be stored and then used.

BP to develop two new fields in the North Sea

BP is set to quickly develop two new oil fields in the UK North Sea which are expected to produce 30,000 barrels gross of oil equivalent a day at peak production

The giant gas field set to grow

The second phase of Oman's giant Khazzan gas field gets the go ahead,as BP approves the development of Ghazeer

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The Lightsource deal – how BP got back into solar

Nick Wayth and colleagues clocked up some serious miles on their activity trackers last year, simply by walking the same London streets on an almost daily basis from BP’s offices to the HQ of Lightsource – the solar company in which BP now owns a significant stake.

External commentary

'It's good to prove people were wrong, says BP boss'

In an interview published in The Times on 12 February, Bob Dudley, group chief executive, talks to Emily Gosden about BP's annual results and the importance of striking the right balance.

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Keeping the lights on when renewable power varies

The sun doesn’t shine at night and wind constantly varies in strength. So how will demand be met when the power systems of the future contain high levels of renewable energy?

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The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) awarded BP’s Marcin Nazaruk - psychologist and safety professional - their Outstanding Young Professional Award for his innovative work to bring psychology and organisational science into practice to help improve the safety and efficiency of BP’s operations.