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The world of energy in 2017: two steps forward, one step back

Global primary energy consumption grew strongly last year, led by natural gas and renewables, with coal’s share of the energy mix continuing to decline, according to BP's Statistical Review of World Energy, published on 13 June.


BP chief economist Spencer Dale on world energy in 2017: Two steps forward, one step back

13 Jun 2018 - "Global energy markets in 2017 took a backward step in terms of the transition to a lower carbon energy system: growth in energy demand, coal consumption and carbon emissions all increased. But that should be seen in the context of the exceptional outcomes recorded in the previous three years. Some backsliding was almost inevitable"

Chief executive Bob Dudley introduces the latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy

13 Jun 2018 - “To help us make informed decisions and position us for the next phase of the energy transition, we rely on understanding how our industry is changing. To do that, we require timely and reliable data. This is the role that the Statistical Review has been playing for the past 67 years.”

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The fuel mix of the power sector

BP’s chief economist Spencer Dale has highlighted what he has called the most striking chart in the whole of this year's Statistical Review of World Energy 2018. It shows the trends in the power sector fuel mix over the past 20 years. Why is this important?

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BP targets low carbon

‘It’s a great piece of leadership from one of the world’s most influential companies.’ See some of the immediate reaction to BP’s Advancing the Energy Transition report in this video


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BP invests in ultra-fast charging battery company StoreDot

BP has announced a $20 million investment in ultra-fast-charging battery start-up company StoreDot, which is developing technology that could eventually see electric vehicle (EV) charging times fall to five minute

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'It's good to prove people were wrong, says BP boss'

In an interview published in The Times on 12 February, Bob Dudley, group chief executive, talks to Emily Gosden about BP's annual results and the importance of striking the right balance.