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Cleaner energy for a growing world

BP chief executive Bob Dudley joins young leaders at the One Young World Summit in the Hague to talk about the challenges of supplying cleaner energy for a growing world at the same time as dramatically reducing emissions 


BP group chief executive at Oil & Money Conference

10 October 2018 - "So long as we choose the path of collaboration and innovation over the path of division and exclusion, both our industry and the world have a great future ahead."

Upstream chief on new energy opportunities in Africa

25 September 2018 - "Demand for energy in Africa is well ahead of the world average. Populations are growing. Economies are advancing. Cities are booming."

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How solar shone in the 2017 rise of the renewables

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Twin win

Imagine being able to create a digital twin of your body to test the impact of different choices on your arteries, veins and organs. That's the concept behind BP’s highly-sophisticated simulation and surveillance system called APEX

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BP invests in ultra-fast charging battery company StoreDot

BP has announced a $20 million investment in ultra-fast-charging battery start-up company StoreDot, which is developing technology that could eventually see electric vehicle (EV) charging times fall to five minutes

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‘Forced to shrink to greatness’

The Washington Post’s take on BP’s transformation over the past eight years, and how the company is returning to growth