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Access the right model to accelerate your net zero project

What is it?

bpRenmo is a digital marketplace showcasing the latest reusable model components and data. It’s a trusted, black boxed reusable model and data components platform which uses live cloud-based digital twin technology.

It’s a marketplace that enables organizations to model, design, operate and forecast the performance of complex energy systems, right across the renewable value chain.

bpRenmo maximizes the transition to, and commercialization of renewables, at scale.

Solar PanelsSolar Panels

Why it's a game changer

Wind turbineWind turbine

Optimize with intelligence

Make data-led decisions to optimize commercial boundaries, reduce dependency on assumptions and assess the impact of elements on the system.

Cloud iconCloud icon

Deliver platform thinking to the industry with confidence

Three people iconThree people icon

Open model across external entities for greater clarity


Access expertise, build on best practice and develop community

Graph and arrows iconGraph and arrows icon

Confidence in data-led decisions through innovation

Who it's for

Energy operators & governmentEnergy operators & government

Energy operators and government

Enabling whole system optimization and the ability to competitively price bids, through access to assumptions and standardized comparison of projects.

Energy integrators and system modelersEnergy integrators and system modelers

Energy integrators and system modelers

Providing access to the latest technology from your supply chain tailored to your needs and enabling optimization across business silos.

Start ups and scale upsStart ups and scale ups

Start-ups and scale-ups

Demonstrate your solutions and how your technology has an impact to a wider range of peers and collaborators across the energy network.

Original Equipment ManufacturersOriginal Equipment Manufacturers

Original equipment manufacturers

Unlock the ability to understand key customer metrics and demonstrate how technology impacts them.

Academia, Research & Technology organisationsAcademia, Research & Technology organisations

Academia, Research & Technology organizations

Access an extensive library of data and model components across the renewable value chain.


We're excited to have you in the bpRenmo community.

Find out more about how bpRenmo can help you and your organization to deliver at scale and accelerate the transition.

A look inside...

Search the marketplaceSearch the marketplace

Search the marketplace

Explore our collection of components to find the right model for your organization's challenge, project or decision-making.

Use a model in your project or system

Learn more about each model. Before you start using the component in your project, run mock testing prior to requesting and calling the model API.

Use a model in your own projectUse a model in your own project
Onboard your own modelOnboard your own model

Onboard your own model

Discover how to onboard your model’s components for others to use, reuse and collaborate on.

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