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The energy transition

The world needs more energy but with fewer emissions. BP is playing an active role in meeting this dual challenge
Q. How is the transition to a lower carbon economy changing BP?

A. “Our strategy embraces the transition and is intended to be flexible and resilient to change. Since launching our low carbon ambitions in 2018 we’ve seen real momentum across BP to reduce our own emissions, improve our products to help customers lower their emissions and create low carbon businesses. The focus on the role we play in the energy transition is helping to drive tangible actions towards delivering a cleaner, better energy future.”


Dominic Emery, vice president, group strategic planning, BP

Dominic Emery, vice president, group strategic planning, BP

Our climate change stories

Embedded within our strategy is BP’s approach to lower carbon and reducing emissions. We call it our ‘reduce, improve, create’ framework.

We have set targets and aims to reduce emissions in our operations, improve our products to help our customers reduce their emissions, and create low carbon businesses. We are already in action and have made progress in 2018 towards these ambitions.

We’ll review these regularly so we can keep them up-to-date with changes in our portfolio, protocols and other factors.

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See for specific information on our targets and aims.