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A low carbon future

The transition to a low carbon economy is one of the great challenges of our time


The 2015 Paris Agreement set expectations around the world for the transition to a low carbon future. BP understands the urgency and supports the aim of the agreement. And, we are dedicated to being part of the solution.


No one company or sector alone can deliver a low carbon future. Everyone, from consumers to corporations to governments, needs to take responsibility.


We believe that, to meet global climate goals, the world should prioritize:


  • Reducing emissions rather than promoting any one fuel as the answer. The world will need all forms of energy for a long time to come, so we need to make all fuels cleaner.
  • Improving energy efficiency, where the greatest reductions in emissions can be achieved. Advances in technology for everyone – from industry to individuals – are creating huge opportunities to achieve gains over the coming years.
  • Carbon pricing as one of the most significant steps that can be made. The more governments can do to bring about clear, stable pricing frameworks, the greater the incentives for innovation and lower carbon choices.


If we respond collectively, even a challenge as complex as climate change can be met.


Oil and gas are going to be a substantive part of a future rich in energy for the world’s growing population; we, at OGCI Climate Investments, are working to make it a low emissions one.
Pratima Rangaraja,chief executive officer, OGCI Climate Investments


Pratima Rangaraja, chief executive officer, OGCI Climate Investments