Developing gas in Oman - low emission by design

At our Khazzan project in Oman, we expect to deliver around 1.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day - equal to about 40% of Oman’s total daily domestic gas supply

The project covers an area more than twice the size of London and will comprise 325 wells over 15 years. 

From the outset, we have designed Khazzan to be an inherently low-emission concept. For example, we have built a central processing facility where we remove water and condensate from the gas produced at all well sites in order to create market quality gas. Centralized gas processing takes away the need for processing equipment at each individual well site, which can be a source of additional methane emissions in gas production.

Low-emission approach brings business benefits

Additionally, the processing facility at Khazzan is powered by the gas we produce, and provides electricity that powers well-site equipment such as valves and pneumatic devices. This reduces the amount of methane emitted - especially when compared with remote tight gas development projects that use natural gas as their power source. And, if the sites are too remote to connect to the central facility, we install solar panels to power equipment.

This low emission approach has business benefits too. The Khazzan central processing facility is twice as efficient as a typical oil and gas field - thanks to the ability to use recycled waste heat from the gas turbines elsewhere at the facility.

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