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Helping consumers lower emissions

We are improving our products to help consumers lower their emissions

Around 80-90% of carbon dioxide emissions from oil and gas products are from their use by consumers in transportation, power plants, industries and buildings. So one of the biggest contributions we can make to advance the energy transition is by providing products and services that help consumers lower their carbon footprint.

We provide customers with fuel for transport, energy for heat and light, lubricants to keep engines moving and the petrochemicals products used to make everyday items as diverse as paints, clothes and packaging.

Many of our products and services have been accredited with our Advancing Low Carbon programme.

How we are limiting emissions

Carbon neutral lubricants      

Our Castrol Professional lubricants – supplied to car dealerships for use in servicing cars – are certified as carbon neutral in accordance with PAS 2060.

Reducing plastic in packaging

In the US, we’ve redesigned some of our Castrol engine oil packaging to use less plastic, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions of about 2,000 tonnes a year.

Advanced fuels, helping consumers – land, illustration

Working with vehicle manufacturers

In Europe, Ford’s EcoBoost engines are engineered with advanced Castrol oils, to help improve fuel efficiency.

Renewable gas from food and agricultural waste

We are the largest producer of renewable gas fuel for US transport. This fuel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 70% compared with gasoline or diesel-fuelled vehicles.

Lower carbon chemicals      

Our PTAir, used to make items such as clothes and plastic food packaging, has a carbon footprint almost 30% lower than the average European PTA. We are also assessing technologies for producing renewable and recycled PTA.

Supplying biofuel to airports

We make jet biofuel available using existing fuelling infrastructure at Oslo and Bergen in Norway and Halmstad in Sweden.

Advanced fuels, helping consumers – air, illustration

Offsetting emissions with our fuel cards

Customers can use our Aral and BP fuel cards in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK to offset their carbon emissions.

Jet fuel made from household waste

We are working with Fulcrum BioEnergy to supply biojet fuel at key hubs across North America.