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ALC carbon outcome Providing renewable energy
Geographic scope Brazil
GHG saved/offset

Included in the Biofuels figures (estimated to account for 22% of the savings)

Information on methodology and/or basis

BP has manufactured biofuels since 2008 and was the first international oil and gas company to invest in Brazilian sugarcane ethanol. We also create biopower by burning bagasse, the fibre that remains after crushing sugarcane stalks to make these biofuels.

In 2018, BP produced around 892 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity – this would be enough to supply power to 1.25 million people in Brazil. The power produced was enough to supply all three of our mills, with the remaining 70% exported to the local electricity grid. This is a low carbon power source, with part of the CO2 emitted from burning the bagasse offset by the CO2 that is absorbed by sugarcane when it is growing.