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BP fuels with ACTIVE technology

BP fuels with ACTIVE technology
ALC carbon outcome Furthering research and technology to advance low carbon
Geographic scope Global
GHG saved/offset

N/a - research and technology

Information on methodology and/or basis

One of the biggest contributions we can make to advance the energy transition, is to develop products and services that help consumers lower their carbon footprint.  

For example, the amount of CO2 a vehicle emits is affected by how efficiently its engine runs. Greater efficiency can help to reduce fuel consumption, which, in turn, helps to lower CO2 emissions. 

Diesel vehicles lose efficiency when harmful deposits build up on important engine parts, such as fuel injectors. In gasoline vehicles, engine efficiency can be improved by reducing the amount of energy lost due to friction.

That’s why BP is developing and deploying advanced gasoline and diesel fuels that contain our innovative ACTIVE technology formula designed to address these issues and help improve efficiency.  

In 2018, millions of customers around the world used BP’s fuels with ACTIVE technology in their vehicles.