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BP participation in Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)

CCAC participation
ALC carbon outcome Furthering research and technology to advance low carbon
Geographic scope Global
GHG saved/offset

N/a - research and technology

Information on methodology and/or basis

Methane is the primary component of natural gas, and, while short-lived in the atmosphere, it is understood to be much more potent as a warming agent, compared to carbon dioxide.


BP is committed to taking a leading role in addressing the methane challenge and is taking action to reduce methane emissions – in its own operations and in collaboration with its peers and others.


For example, we participate in the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP) – part of the Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), which includes governments, businesses, scientific institutions and civil society.


The OGMP is helping the industry better understand the core sources of methane emissions in upstream operations so that it can take action to address them. It provides companies with a credible mechanism to systematically and responsibly tackle their methane emissions.


BP contributes to the Partnership's work by participating in technical working groups and surveying our own operations for these core sources and reporting on our progress in tackling methane emissions across our relevant assets.