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BP participation in CO₂ Capture Project (CCP)

CO2 Capture Project
ALC carbon outcome Furthering research and technology to advance low carbon
Geographic scope Global
GHG saved/offset

N/a - research and technology

Information on methodology and/or basis

Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technology offers one important way in which existing power infrastructure and energy-intensive industries that rely on the use of fossil fuels can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

BP is a founding member of the CO2 Capture Project (CCP). Formed in 2000, CCP members have since taken part in more than 150 projects to increase our understanding of the science, engineering, application and economics of CCUS. These projects have been conducted in partnership with research institutions, universities, industry and government organizations – including the US Department of Energy and the European Commission.

Now in its fourth phase, the project (CCP4) aims to increase our understanding of existing, emerging, and breakthrough CO2 capture technologies when applied in oil and gas scenarios and to demonstrate that geological storage is safe, measurable and verifiable. For example, this includes the performance and cost evaluation of CO2 capture technologies, large rock mass experimentation and best practice for transitioning from CO2 enhanced oil recovery to CO2 storage.