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Butamax advanced biofuels

Butamax advanced biofuels
ALC carbon outcome Furthering research and technology to advance low carbon
Geographic scope US
GHG saved/offset

N/a – research and technology

Information on methodology and/or basis

Biofuels can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). To support this, BP, in partnership with DuPont, has developed Butamax® technology to convert sugars from corn into an energy-rich bio-product known as bio-isobutanol. 

Bio-isobutanol has a wide variety of applications. For example, it can be used in the production of paints, coatings and lubricant components.  It can also be blended with gasoline at higher concentrations than ethanol, and can be transported through existing fuel pipelines and infrastructure. 

In 2017, Butamax® acquired Nesika Energy LLC and its state-of-the-art ethanol facility in Kansas which Butamax is now upgrading to produce bio-isobutanol.