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Castrol carbon neutral car dealership offer

Castrol carbon neutral car dealership offer
ALC carbon outcome Enabling BP or third parties to meet their low carbon objectives
Geographic scope Global
GHG saved/offset

31,000 tonnes CO₂e [Jan-Dec 2018]

Information on methodology and/or basis

The automotive industry is in transition. The growth in electric vehicles, autonomous driving and new mobility solutions coupled with the world demanding fewer carbon emissions is changing the industry.  To support this transition, Castrol has worked in partnership with our carbon offsetting programme, BP Target Neutral, to develop a new initiative aimed at car dealerships. The initiative works in two ways: 

  1. Dealers can become certified carbon neutral businesses by offsetting their own emissions through BPTN. This can help them to build their reputation amongst climate conscious customers. 
  2. Dealers can offer customers the chance to offset their own carbon emissions – for a set mileage – within the sale or service of vehicles.

As part of the initiative, dealers have access to a suite of tools that they can use to better understand, measure, report and act on their own carbon footprint. To date, this programme has been launched in 14 countries around the world.