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ONYX InSight

ONYX InSight
ALC carbon outcome Providing renewable energy
Geographic scope Europe, North America and Asia
GHG saved/offset

76,500 tonnes CO₂e [Jan-Dec 2018]

Information on methodology and/or basis

Wind energy plays an increasingly important role in the provision of electricity. This rapid growth is expected to continue over the next two decades as costs fall and the efficiency and performance of turbine technology increases. However, the industry faces a challenge: how to improve long-term availability by reducing unplanned turbine downtime.


Castrol's joint venture with Romax Technology, ONYX InSight, combines deep understanding of wind turbine technology with innovative software and data analytics, to provide engineering and software services to wind farm operators so that they can monitor the condition of wind turbines and avoid breakdowns.


Our joint venture works with wind operators across Europe, North America and Asia and currently provides services to more than 35GW of wind turbines – enough to power more than 25 million homes in the UK. In 2018, ONYX InSight helped improve its customers' turbine performance to displace enough demand for energy from fossil fuels to save around 76,500 tonnes of CO2eq.