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Titan 1 Battery Storage Project

Titan 1 Battery Storage Project
ALC carbon outcome Furthering research and technology to advance low carbon
Geographic scope United States
GHG saved/offset

N/a - research and technology

Information on methodology and/or basis

Renewables are now the fastest-growing energy source in history and in our Energy Outlook evolving transition scenario we estimate that they could account for 15% of all energy consumption in 2040 – and in other scenarios more . This strong growth is underpinned by the expectation that wind – along with solar – will become significantly more competitive in the coming years.


BP Wind Energy is piloting a high-performance energy storage project using a battery supplied and fitted by Tesla at its Titan 1 wind site in South Dakota.


The technology has been integrated with the wind site and is designed to store excess energy.This stored power can then be used across the site where needed when the wind isn't blowing. This will reduce the need for grid-supplied power in order to run the turbines.


The pilot project is the first of its kind in BP's wind business and could improve performance and reliability. It will also help us to make better-informed decisions about similar energy storage projects across our entire portfolio.