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Tackling methane in our US onshore gas business

We are one of the largest natural gas producers in the US, and have been taking action to reduce methane emissions for many years

Our actions – from 1999 to 2018

1999 – methane graphic



  • Used enhanced automation to reduce methane emissions during a process in which we periodically remove liquids that have accumulated in a well.
2000 – methane graphic



  • Pioneered a technique known as green completions that captures gas that would otherwise be flared or vented as wells are completed.
  • Began programme to replace high-bleed controllers with ones that emit less methane. 
2001 – methane graphic



  • Began tracking sustainable greenhouse gas reduction activities in our operations.



  • Started using solar pumps instead of gas pneumatic pumps for chemical injection. 
2005 – methane graphic



  • Began using solar-powered generators in place of thermal electric ones to power equipment that helps prevent corrosion.
2007 – methane graphic



  • Introduced a carbon price in our investment decisions for certain large projects.
2009 – methane graphic
2015 – methane graphic



  • Completed our first multilateral well. Drilling multiple horizontal wells from one vertical wellbore requires less equipment than drilling individual wells from multiple well pads. This reduces the potential for leaks from equipment.  
2017 – methane graphic



  • Trialled the use of drones and truck-mounted laser sensors to detect and quantify methane leaks.
2018 – methane graphic



  • Began using solar pumps instead of gas pneumatic pumps to circulate heated fluid that helps protect pipes from freezing.
  • Neared completion of the programme we started in 2000 to replace around 10,000 high-bleed controllers.