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Climate adaptation

We seek to address the potential impacts of a changing and unpredictable climate – such as heatwaves, storms and rising sea levels – on our new projects from the design phase

For our Clair Ridge project in the North Sea, we considered the physical resilience of the operation over its lifetime, as we expect it to be in use for around four decades. We designed the two platforms to withstand possible changes in sea level and wave patterns.

Our operations and projects can draw on guidance, including in-house meteorological expertise, to help them manage potential risks from a changing climate.

Some of our sites are located in areas prone to severe weather, such as hurricanes, and have specific measures in place to manage these risks. Our Cooper River petrochemicals plant in the US, for example, increases its inventory of raw materials during hurricane season and has back-up systems for emergency power supply.

We are working to review projections of severe weather events and climate conditions to evaluate how these may affect our projects and operations in the future.