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Monitoring the impact of seismic surveys in the Caspian sea

Some of our most recent exploration activities in Azerbaijan took place near the Absheron National Park, an international protected area and key migration area for the endangered Caspian seal
Seismic survey projection on screen

As part of our work, we conducted a seismic survey to understand the geological structure thousands of feet beneath the seabed. This was within three kilometres of the national park.

We met with scientists and regulators to agree the safest way forward. We avoided peak migration season and had seal experts monitor the area before and during the seismic work. Prior to the start of each survey, our vessel crew monitored the area and if seals were observed the work was delayed to give them time to move on.

We have since shared our approach with government officials, academics and scientists to improve understanding of seal movements. The baseline data will also inform our plans for any exploration drilling.