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Five aims to help the world get to net zero

Woman using a bp pulse EV charger

Five aims to help get the world to net zero

We are advocating for policies that support net zero, incentivizing our workforce, assessing our alignment with trade associations and helping corporates achieve their decarbonization goals. We are also taking steps to increase the transparency of our disclosures.

Our aim 6 is to more actively advocate for policies that support net zero, including carbon pricing.

We have redirected resources to promote well-designed climate policies. In the future, any corporate advertising will be to push for progressive climate policy, communicate our net zero ambition or support delivery of our strategy, invite ideas, or build collaborations.

We will continue to run recruitment campaigns and advertise our products, services and partnerships – although we aim for these to increasingly be low carbon.

Aim 7: incentivizing employees

Our aim 7 is to incentivize our global workforce to deliver on our aims and mobilize them to become advocates for net zero.

This will include continuing to allocate a percentage of remuneration linked to emissions reductions for leadership and around 32,000a employees.

a This figure reflects the number of employees eligible for a cash bonus in 2022. The number of eligible employees in 2021 was 30,000.

Our aim 8 is to set new expectations for our relationships with trade associations around the globe.

We are committed to getting bp to net zero and we make the case for our views on climate change within the associations we belong to. We are transparent where we differ and where we can’t reach alignment, we are prepared to leave.

Our aim 9 is to be recognized as an industry leader for the transparency of our reporting.

On 12 February 2020, we declared our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. We intend to work constructively with the TCFD and others – such as the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) – to develop good practices and standards for transparency.

Our aim 10 is to provide integrated clean energy and mobility solutions. Our regions, corporates & solutions team is working to help countries, cities and corporations around the world decarbonize.