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Operating businesses

Our operating businesses are responsible for identifying and managing risks and our operating management system (OMS) helps them do this in a consistent and rigorous way

Our OMS brings together BP requirements on health, safety, security, the environment, social responsibility and operational reliability, as well as related issues, such as maintenance, contractor relations and organizational learning, into a common management system.


We update the OMS from time to time to reflect BP’s priorities and experience. New guidance assesses socio-economic factors related to unplanned events, such as an oil spill or a community opposition. We consider the effects on livelihoods, cultural heritage, community disruption and workforce welfare.

Our operating businesses in action – some 2017 highlights
Low carbon future – icon

Low carbon future


Actioned sustainable GHG reductions totalling 0.5 million tonnes

Cyber security – icon

Cyber security


Multiple exercises conducted to test recovery and response capability

Human rights – icon

Human rights


40+ training sessions held for around 1,000 employees on the risk of modern slavery

Diversity – icon



45% of graduate hires and 42% of experienced hires were women

Setting expectations of our partners

43% of our upstream production in 2017 was from joint ventures where BP is not the operator

BP often partners with other companies in our business activities – sometimes we are the operator, and sometimes our partner manages the operations.

In joint ventures where we are the operator, our OMS, code of conduct and other policies apply. We aim to report on aspects of our business where we are the operator, as we directly manage the performance of these operations.

Where we are not the operator, our OMS is available as a reference point for BP businesses when engaging with operators and co-venturers. We have a group framework to assess and manage BP’s exposure related to safety, operational, and bribery and corruption risk from our participation in these types of ventures.

We monitor performance and how risk is managed in our joint ventures, whether we are the operator or not.