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Labour rights audits in our Malaysian supply chain

We piloted labour rights audits in our supply chain as part of qualifying selected potential suppliers in Malaysia in 2016
Street scene, Malaysia

We chose Malaysia because of its level of risk with respect to the prevalence of forced labour and human trafficking among migrant workers.


The pilot included potential suppliers of equipment for BP’s retail sites around the world.


We worked with non-profit organization Verité to identify any labour rights issues among potential suppliers. The focus was on migrant workers - checking that they were ethically recruited and employed under safe and humane conditions.


Working hours, recruitment processes, freedom of movement and employment contracts were identified as areas for improvement. Working together with Verité and BP, suppliers developed and put in place management plans to remedy the issues within a specified time frame.


As a result of this collaboration, one of the suppliers was successful in its bid for BP business and was awarded a contract. We are continuing to monitor progress against the agreed remedial actions.