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Security and human rights

Providing security for our assets around the world can be complex, especially in locations where there is a higher likelihood of conflict or violent crime


BP works with security forces who protect our facilities to reinforce the importance of respecting human rights. We support the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. These principles guide how we work with the security forces that protect our facilities. They emphasize the need to understand and respect the human rights of our workforce and people living in communities near our operations.


We provide training on the principles for our employees accountable for managing security and conduct assessments to identify areas where we can improve. One example is our Castellón refinery in Spain. National law requires that we use armed security and provide two days of training a year. Through our own security review, we decided to double the number of training days.


As another example, we assessed potential security-related risks to the human rights of neighbouring communities in Mauritania and Senegal, where we are planning new projects. The findings identified the need to discuss the importance of the Voluntary Principles and BP’s commitment to them with local security forces.