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Engaging with communities

We work with local communities in an open and constructive way

When planning new projects we assess the potential impacts on communities, such as health and safety, resettlement, labour rights, use of water and local livelihoods. This helps to identify early on whether any activities could affect the rights of people living in nearby communities and to find ways to prevent or mitigate those impacts.


We consult with communities so that we can understand their expectations and address concerns.


Through this, we hope to resolve potential disagreements, avoiding negative impacts on others and disruption to our activities.

Community complaints
Community complaints – graphic

Community complaints

We require our businesses to identify and respond to concerns, as well as record and act on any commitments. In 2017, most of the concerns raised by communities living near our operations were to do with damage to crops, property or other infrastructure.



Boathouses in Nova Scotia

Focus on Nova Scotia

In Canada, we met with fisheries associations and indigenous communities to discuss our plans for offshore exploration drilling.


They asked questions about the impacts on fisheries and migratory species, such as salmon and eel.


Through working with independent marine biologists, we were able to show that any impacts on marine life from our proposed drilling would be limited.

Focus on the West Nile Delta

We consulted the local community in Egypt before beginning work in the West Nile Delta, where much of the population depends on fishing to earn their living.


We held sessions with local people and government officials to get their feedback. In the sessions, we discussed why we needed to establish a safety zone around our operations and actions we could take to mitigate the impacts on the fishermen’s livelihoods.


We had concerns when BP announced it was setting up an exclusion zone around its offshore operations as it is an area where we fish and we depend on that income. But BP listened to our concerns and worked earnestly to come up with solutions – from providing interest-free loans to help us set up new businesses, to hiring us to work on their guard vessels.
Abdou Attia,local fisherman, West Nile Delta


Fishing on the Nile

Visit bp.com/humanrights for our approach to human rights.